The Zolid DNA Generation heralds a new era. What started with the introduction of the Ceramill DNA milling machines now continues in the materials sector. The goal is the best zirconium oxide product range – no more, no less. Developed and manufactured in-house, to meet the highest demands for aesthetics, quality and economics in your dental laboratory.

Color and process safety

Because we create natural aesthetics through our own color development with its consistent color concept.

Efficiency and economics

Because we match all parameters to technical dental requirements and offer a seamless workflow from A to Z.


Because we only manufacture at our own site with the best raw materials, on state-of-the-art production equipment.

The latest addition to the Zolid DNA Generation

The current portfolio is rounded off by the new Zolid HT+ Preshades blanks. Zolid HT+ excels through outstanding mechanical as well as optical properties. Add to this, blanks in 16 Vita shades, which set new benchmarks in terms of efficiency and reproducibility.

Absolute shade reliability according to the VITA classical shade guide


Much more than just a white disc

Zolid DNA blanks are manufactured 100 percent in-house at the Amann Girrbach Headquarters in Austria. Only the best raw materials are processed to blanks using the strictest test methods and specified, certified processes. This is the only way to ensure that all material parameters are perfectly matched to the needs of dentistry. Fully embedded into the Ceramill CAD/CAM workflow, this results in an efficient and safe system with tailor-made solutions.


Zirconium oxide at the highest level

The in-house development and production of the Zolid DNA blanks allows us to have a greater influence on the process-relevant material parameters.


Produced locally, appreciated globally

ZOLID DNA Portfolio

The right solution for everyone

  • Multilayer
    (with natural tooth shade gradient)

  • Preshade

  • White

  • LT


  • Zi White

  • HT


  • Zolid HT+ Preshades

  • Zolid HT+ White

  • SHT


  • Zolid FX Multilayer

  • Zolid FX Preshades

  • Zolid FX White



For the highest demands in quality
and aesthetics



The super-high translucent zirconia Zolid FX Multilayer with seamless shade and translucency gradient combines highest aesthetics with maximum efficiency. All 16 VITA shades can be covered easily with only 10 blanks.

Zolid FX Preshades are monochrome pre-stained, super-high translucent zirconia blanks. Available in 6 basic shades, users profit from a high degree of shade stability andefficient fabrication of highly aesthetic restorations.

Zolid FX White are white, super-high translucent zirconia blanks for restorations. With Ceramill Liquids FX individual results can be achieved, which can hardly be distinguished from natural teeth.



Zolid HT+ Preshades is available in 16 A-D shades and offers the highest level of colour reliability and efficiency. High strength combined with excellent optical properties, create highly natural aesthetics, even for long-span restorations.

The highly translucent zirconia combines high mechanical characteristics with outstanding aesthetics, especially for massive, long-span structures. Through the combination with Ceramill Liquids, individual results can be achieved.



Thanks to the high opacity value ZI is the ideal material for frameworks, especially when discoloured tooth preparations or metal frameworks must be covered.


Fasthetix and Aesthetix – staining with
liquids made easy

Amann Girrbach provides tailored solutions for customising zirconia restorations before the sintering process with a wide range of colouring solutions and corresponding processing techniques. The “Fasthetix” and “Aesthetix” staining concepts describe two different approaches for aesthetic, economic customisation of Zolid DNA Generation zirconia restorations.

Fasthetix – Quick-Staining Technique

  • Highly aesthetic, natural appearance in less than 20 seconds
  • A liquid set for Zolid HT+ White and Zolid FX White
  • High efficiency with guaranteed shade stability

Download Staining Technique Guide

Aesthetix – Highly Aesthetic Customisation

  • Premium aesthetics and the highest level of customisation
  • Material-specific liquids for every zirconium oxide and the perfect shade match
  • Effect liquids for even greater individuality

Download Staining Technique Guide


The functional precision chain

Zolid DNA Generation Folder


System brochure Zolid DNA Generation


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